More than a software, VIRTUA is a team. We are a team of qualified professionals that offers support, consulting and the constant improvement of our charging software and credit recovery. There are 15 years working with this program of high quality and offering training, consulting and maintenance for more than 140 companies across the country, totaling about 6000 users.

Our software is a complete safe, easy to use program and its system is always online, never off. Also, it has a rapid support and personalized service, because we know that, as important as investing in technology is to ensure that you might be better served and rely on our professionals whenever you need.
Contact us and learn all about the VIRTUA charging and our services. We have experience, commitment and the best technology to serve your company.



Our clients - mostly companies of charging that serve large financial institutions – using the VIRTUA Charging as a fundamental tool for performing and optimizing their work, once that our software provides security, agility and stability in its system.